Pascal Belouin

Digital Humanities Researcher, Software Engineer, Requirement Elicitation Specialist

I am currently employed as a Digital Humanities researcher at the Max Planck Institute for the History of Science, where I support historians of science in applying digital and computational research methods, and where I explore various Digital Humanities research topics such as, among other things, knowledge modelling, distant reading, network analysis, and data visualisation. I am also currently interested in finding novel infrastructural solutions to the problem of long-term research data preservation through the use of decentralised storage solutions such as IPFS.

For more information about me, please have a look at my LinkedIn profile.

I am formally trained in software engineering, social science, and design and evaluation of advanced interactive systems. I am interested in applying theories, concepts and methods including discourse analysis, ethnography, interviews and focus groups, persona design, cognitive walkthroughs or questionnaires to interactive system design and evaluation. I wrote a few articles around this topic on my blog, which explores the overlap between social science and software engineering.